This is the job application portal of the LOEWE project Software Factory 4.0 (SF4.0). It provides information about the overall project as well as its part projects. To apply for a Ph.D. position, please submit your documents here.

The project website of SF4.0 with news, events and publications is available at:


Overall Project Goals

The LOEWE project Software Factory 4.0 (SF4.0) is a 4-year project funded by the German State of Hesse. SF4.0 is concerned with the adaptation of legacy software due to changed requirements and technical advances. The project strives to achieve this adaptation in an automated fashion. The main focus is on three topics: more flexible software systems in the context of the application area "Industry 4.0", the parallelization of existing software in the context of "High Performance Computing" (HPC) and simplification of the reengineering in both areas.

The goal of "Software Factory 4.0"  is to enable legacy software systems as used for high performance computing and cyber-physical production systems to keep up with the rapid technological advances made in the development of new hardware and middleware platforms. Existing software must be retrofitted to fully exploit the potential provided by technological progress. Complete re-development of the existing stock of production software is infeasible. At the same time, superficially adapted legacy software prevents optimal hardware usage. This is known in parallel computing as the "software gap".

SF4.0 aims to create methods and tools that enable continuous and largely automated re-egineering of software to meet changed requirements and technological constraints. Reengineering keeps software development costs manageable and allows one to preserve expert domain knowledge inherent to legacy software.

The two main application areas to be explored in SF4.0 are "High Performance Computing" (HPC) and "Industry 4.0" (I4.0). In the former parallelization of existing software is the main driving force, while I4.0 focuses on the variability aspects of cyber-physical production systems and the development of digital twins.

SF4.0 consists of seven part projects (PP-A, PP-B, PP-C, PP-DPP-K, PP-LPP-P, PP-Q), each of which offers 1-2 Ph.D. positions in the areas of computer science and mechanical engineering. A selection of the specific areas includes: parallel and distributed computing, software-aided construction, formal methods, static program analysis, and software engineering.

Your Profile

You are enthusiastic about research and you have a strong background and demonstrable interest in one or more of the areas mentioned above. 

We are looking for researchers with an independent mind who are willing to cooperate in our international team. We expect good communicative and social skills. Candidates should be prepared to prove their English language skills.

As a research outcome we expect publications, (prototype) software tools, and a Ph.D. thesis.

What We Offer

Starting date of the position: From January 2018 or later

  • A highly stimulating, dynamic, international scientific environment
  • The chance to participate in a highly visible, economically relevant research project
  • Full status as an employee at the Technical University Darmstadt, including pension and health care benefits
  • Excellent facilities for professional and personal development

To apply for one of the Ph.D. positions submit your application here by referring to the code no. 513 in your cover letter. Please use the "Submit application form" button at the bottom of the page.

Please note all information on this website is given on a best-effort basis. The official job job advertisement is available herehttps://www.intern.tu-darmstadt.de/dez_vii/stellen/stellen_details_251904.de.jsp

Deadline: The SF4.0 portal stays open until the positions are filled. Earlier applications are welcome and an early start date is an advantage.

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